Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB) LRT public display roadshow

I am now going to let all of you know why this public display is illegal. Please inform all who need to know. I have also alerted all the government bodies and other relevant
authorities, via text message and will only be able to do something about it tomorrow, Monday.


1) two proposed LRT stations - Station 11 and 12 (in Putra Heights) are in dispute. The State Government is in the final stages of approving/disapproving this route. No route has been confirmed yet. MBSA has come up with a new route. State EXCO will deliberate on this issue this Wednesday, 16th of Sept. So how can Prasarana take their so called route to public display ?

2) EIA has put on hold their report on this route until they get a confirmation from State EXCO. This disputed route has not even received the stamp of approval from EIA. So how can it go on public display ?

3) Prasarana has not received the stamp of approval from various other bodies, ie, the land office, Jabatan Bandar Dan Desa Selangor and most importantly the State Government


1) Who has given Prasarana the right to go ahead with this public viewing, which authority, when a dispute is still ongoing ? If you people out there don't know about this dispute, well you do now.

2) How can NST publish the announcement without even checking first with the State Government. NST should first take a look at all the approvals from 13 government departments before this announcement is published. Just like a death announcement, one needs to produce the death certificate - a document of prove. So what went wrong here ?

3) Above all how can the YDP of MPSJ allow this to happen ?


1) The Selangor State Government has been notified

2) EIA has been notified

2) ADUN of this area has been notified, advised to notify YDP of MPSJ.....maybe YDP is not aware of this dispute !!!!!!!

3) Tomorrow the State EXCOs and everyone else will know

What should happen now :

1) Prasarana should retract the public viewing until a confirmation on this route is reached.

2) Get approval from all the 13 government departments and make it public, then take it for public viewing.

Prasarana is in contempt of all the Government Departments including the Selangor State Government, all those who are involved in giving approval to this project. Please circulate this email to all.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Vivekananda Murugesu
> Date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 7:05 PM
> Subject: LRT to Subang Jaya : Project Announcement
> To:,,,
>,, Theresa Ratnam Thong
> ,,
> I wopuld like to draw your attention that the announcement by Syarikat
> Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB) regarding the proposed extension of the
> Kelana Jaya LRT Line to Subang Jaya / Putra Heights is on page C17 of
> NST 1Klassifieds, the supplement of New Straits Times today (September
> 10, 2009).
> The documents will be displayed for Public Inspection from 15
> September 2009 till 14 December 2009 at various locations and SPNB
> invites subsequent comments or objections to the proposed project on
> or before 14 December 2009.
> Please forward for wider dissemination and greater public
> participation in this matter.
> Regards,
> M. Vivekananda

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