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Minutes, LRT Meeting 1st Oct 2009

Dear All,

Posted is the minutes of the meeting held on 1st Oct 2009. Thanks Manimaran for this.

Based on the minutes, I will get on to the State Exco and MB to request for MB to see us asap.

Meanwhile, Rafy can you let us know when the next meeting should be - to discuss questions that needs to be raised to the MB.

Once again thank you all.


LRT Issues & update
Surau Tent, Subang Alam
Thursday, 1st October 2009 (9.30 pm – 11.00 pm)

Zoulkafly Zainal, Shazali Shauf, Ikmal Hisham, R. Muralitharan, Mohamad Hasnan, Nazir Mazlan, Arasi, Geetha, Sharanjit Kaur, Mohd Rafy (Pres RA Subang Alam), Prem Valles (Pres RA Putra Heights) and Manimaran



1) Alternative route
by Prem

MBSA have provided a new alternative route to Prasarana. Their proposed last stop is at Putra Point, prior to that is Putra Heights following the power line then to SHARP, Pusat Bandar HICOM and then to USJ 21. Prasarana have disagreed and do not want to agree with MBSA’s proposal because it involves acquisition of more property/land and it’s time consuming to revise new route. ADUN YB Suhaimi Shafiei is supporting the residence and has given a letter of support to the State Government for further action. Following that after the weekly Exco meeting prior to Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Menteri Besar of Selangor has decided to listen to Subang Jaya, USJ, Putra Heights, Subang Alam and Section 27 Shah Alam RAs together with the ADUNs and people affected with regards to the LRT extension. Date on the meeting to be confirmed.

2) Catchment area
by Prem

MBSA claims that the proposed route by Prasarana is low in
‘catchment’. Meaning if it runs under the powerline the number of
people utilizing the LRT service will be low as opposed to running the
route in S27 Alam Megah where the ‘catchment’ area will be larger.
This S27 Alam Megah proposed alternative route by MBSA, will ensure more commuters living at apartments and factories along this route utilizing the LRT service.

3) Public Viewing on LRT route
by Prem

Prasarana has already displayed the proposed routes at MPSJ, MBSA and other selected venues for Public Display from 15th Sep till 14th Dec 2009. During the 3 month period, feedback from the public will be reviewed and reverted. Unfortunately, the transparency is in question as to where and how Prasarana’s actions will be communicated openly to the public. Understand Prasarana will eventually go ahead with the project even if there were issues on the realignment of the route unless the Selangor State Government intervenes.

4) Formation of task
force by Rafy

The team decided to name SA-PH LRT task for the Subang Alam, Section 27 Shah Alam and Putra Heights residents. It will consist of 7 members from Subang Alam, 5 members from Section 27-Taman Bunga Negara and 6 members from Putra Heights. They will meet together (date and time to be decided later) to prepare a list of points to be raised before meeting the Selangor MB.Each task force from SJ/USJ and SA/PH will appoint a spokesperson.

5) Need to create a
blog by Prem

Since Subang Jaya and USJ residents have created a blog for residents to provide their views/feedback on the LRT, the team decided to create a blog for the Subang Alam/Section 27/Putra Heights residents and requested Nazir Mazlan to assist us.

6) Lake to be dried
up by Nazir

Nazir informed us that there is a possibility that the lake beside Subang Alam maybe dried up and the water removed along the Putra Heights drainage, which is currently being cleared up by SIME UEP. This could be done to the lake so as to enable the LRT line to be built.

7) Independent soil
surveyors by Prem

Prem highlighted to the team on whether we should engage the services of an Independent External Soil Engineering Surveyors to test the feasibility of the soil at the power lines for LRT construction. This exercise is a costly affair and if the report is favorable to us, this may influence the Selangor MB in his decision making. Rafy replied that the MB or the Selangor State Government must pursue this at their cost. All we need to know is the preliminary findings before the final report is out.

8) Conclusion by
Prem and Shazali

Prasarana have been brainwashing Prem by implicating that it’s a Federal Government’s project but up till now she is standing firm and going all out for Prasarana to follow the original SSSP 2020 plan if they refuse the alternate route proposed to them by MBSA. Also in Prasarana’s agenda is to move the TNB powerline so as to make space for the construction of the LRT line. In fact, TNB has not done any independent check to move the power lines and none of the Governmental Organizations have conducted any check and balance so far on the LRT extension. But Prasarana is trying to convince everyone that this is possible and have made up their minds to go ahead with this.
Shazali mentioned that since knowing Prasarana well, they will go ahead and start the project. As long as the Selangor State Government is behind us, he is confident we can prevent Prasarana
from spearheading the project without appropriate approvals. Prasarana is only interested to complete the project as soon as possible without considering people’s plight.

There being no other business, the meeting ended at 11.00 pm.

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  1. You should restart your blog as there are currently issues with Prasarana building on potentially unstable ground for their track to Putra Heights. Our USJ 6 community currently has issues with their station 8 construction and location of the power sub station on a playing field.