Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear all,
I went for the LRT public display at MPSJ, today. If you go, please also take a look at the books placed on the table which has the 'kerajaan Malaysia logo ' but is kept shut for a reason. Look for our area, stations 11 & 12 and look out for elevation, position and other important details.

My conclusion;
1) both the stations 11 and 12 will be on Putra Heights side

2) i think it's going to be dual track

3) that the power line will have to be moved further to Alam Megah's side - so the power line will then run above people's houses in Alam Megah

4) that the drain on our side might be closed up to pave way for this

5) that its passing between the lake and Subang Alam houses, trailing along the powerline route

6) that it's going to be a mega nightmare for all of us if the state government does not do anything for us

7) that by running the LRT line here, no acquisitions will be made, its not going to affect any property at all except the power line ! - so for those of you who think you may make money out of this, sorry fat hopes

8) that the feedback book placed by Prasarana for us to pen-in our feedback is insufficient - it's not legally binding / no accountability. Tomorrow Prasarana can throw away the book and say no one said anything / complained
What i wrote in the book "this project will not benefit the people, it will only benefit Prasarana and it's cronies".

Please all of you also give your feedback on this blog, this project is going to bring about a lot of heartache to Subang Alam (Sec 27, Shah Alam), Bunga Negara (Sec 27, Shah Alam) and Putra Heights (Subang Jaya) residents who will be directly affected as they are living around this unfortunate stretch.

Many thanks

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