Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear all,

A second meeting was held regarding the LRT issue.

Posted are the minutes of this meeting. Manimaran thanks for this.

Thanks also to all those who attended the meeting. All must attend the next meeting which will be held before we see the MB.


SA-PH LRT Task Force Surau Tent, Subang Alam Sunday,
11th October 2009 (10.00 pm – 11.30 pm)

Present:Raja Azlan, Zoulkafly Zainal, Shazali Shauf, Ikmal Hisham, Mohamad Hasnan, Mohd Rafy, Mohd Azmin, Prem and Manimaran

1) Objective of the meeting

To prepare ahead for the public hearing with the Selangor Menteri Besar. The team unanimously agreed that the LRT line should follow the original SSSP 2020 as Prasarana has disagreed to thusfar accept alternative route proposed by MBSA and Jabatan Perbandaran Bandar dan Desa Selangor.This dispute involves Station 11 & Station 12 of the Kelana Jaya LRT line.

2) Appointment of new SARA Chairman / Vice Chairman

Subang Alam has appointed En. Ikmal Hisham as their new Chairman and En. Zoulkafly as their Vice Chairman. Mohd Rafy will still be assisting the SA-PH LRT Task Force.

3) Evaluation

A) Current scenario:
1. LRT good for the community - improvement to public transportation.
2. The team is not against the idea of LRT as long as it does not run along their residential area.
3. LRT provides value to customers by giving better and cheaper accessibility and thus saving the environmental pollution.

1. Dangerous running along Subang Alam since the land area to be built will be close to their residential area.
2. Lake beside Subang Alam poses danger.
3. Health and Safety to the residence – noise and dust pollution and potential increase in crime rate.
4. Potential cracks to homes.
5. Since the Stations will be located at Putra Heights, there is no access for Subang Alam residents directly. These stations will be located at high income areas which may not benefit the commuters.
6. No appropriate approvals obtained from State Government and other various Local Government Authorities.
7. Massive traffic jams during construction period that may cause inconvenience to road users.

B) Alternative scenario:
1. Excellent for the community with more residents benefitting especially the middle and lower income group.
2. Residents are in favor and support the alternative route.
3. LRT provides value to customers by giving better and cheaper accessibility and thus saving the environmental pollution.4 MBSA have discussed with Prasarana and provided solutions on the alternative route which will serve the community well.

1. If Prasarana revises their route plan it could be time consuming so they've decided not to.
2 Higher construction cost as the route is longer but serving the community well.

4) LRT Station stops

Prasarana has decided for Stations 11 and 12 to be located closer to Putra Heights. In the meetings Prasarana had with MBSA and the State Government, Prasarana has brought up the issue of possibly shifting the power lines nearer to Subang Alam. However, the Department of Environment has not approved Stations 11, 12 & 13 yet.

5) Department of Environment (DOE)

DOE to conduct an environment assessment on the area where LRT line is to be constructed, ie under the power line. DOE to mitigate on environment pollution, health and safety. Piling works before and after construction can cause houses to crack or be severely damaged.

6) Next step on communication to MB

Prem will send out a letter to the Menteri Besar (by this week) to seek for an audience (public hearing) asap. Need to execute this as time is running out and to prevent Prasarana from moving ahead without resistance

7) Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held (TBA) to discuss on the development of the LRT issue after Prem sents out the letter to MB and gets a feedback. We will also invite our ADUN;YB Shuhaimi, En. Moaz from Transit and En Badrul from UPEN Selangor.

Meeting ended at 11.30pm.

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  1. to task force members,

    Is it possible to show to the public the alternative routes/map, so as to show how it'll be better off for the community and the public